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Dick Buchanan has been in business as an Optician for almost 50 years as the owner of The Grand Spectacle, however, Dick has been a psychic/medium all his life. He ‘turned off’ his psychic ability at age 6. It reappeared at age 32 and he has been helping people with this ability since then with hypnosis (Stop Smoking, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Aversion Therapy, etc.), past-life regression and psychic mediumship. You can reach him at 110 S. Main St., Horseheads NY, by phone at (607) 732-7500 or by email at

How did you get to this place?

I was psychic as a kid growing up in Philadelphia, PA. It was a traditional middle class household. When I was 6 years old, I was having playtime with my spirit family and my mom came around the corner and said, “You know there are no such things as ghosts”. From that day forward, the images stopped until I was 32. In a way, it was a good thing. It afforded me a chance to grow up “normal”. I played sports with my friends, attended college, became an Optician and started my own business. At 32, I had a spiritual experience, and it all came back to me. I had a choice to embrace it or not. I chose to embrace it.

I was at the Elmira Medical Arts Building in the 1970’s. There was a psychiatrist across the hall from me who taught me how to hypnotize people. It had been an interest of mine for a long time. I took many very good courses on regression therapy from Dick Sutphen when he would be in New York City. He is probably one of the best regressionists in the country. During those courses, you experienced regression yourself and that made it more meaningful. I discovered many things about myself that I did not previously know.

When I was a child, I had visions of myself fighting in the Civil War. I found a painting by Mort Kunstler of Union cavalry troops shooting Confederates behind a stone wall at Gettysburg on the 2nd day of battle. It was exactly what I saw in my mind as a 3year old. Upon further research, I was a cavalryman in the 3rd Pennsylvania Company H. When I was in Gettysburg in 2010 I found the exact position that I fought in with the stone wall still in place after 147 years .

In my hypnotic practice, I have documented cases where people have regressed into a past life. Many times, we can document the results. One local man discovered that he was a Captain in a Massachusetts regiment. He deserted and found himself as a sheriff in Lander,Wyoming only to be bushwacked by a gang of outlaws. In his current life, he carried the scar on his back where he was shot in that previous lifetime. The man had reoccurring dreams of being buried alive from that previous lifetime, which subsided upon his finding out the cause.

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks, either personally or in business?

Some people come to me and say “You are in this business (The Grand Spectacle) and you are a psychic?” as if there is a conflict. I don’t see one. One is science and the other is metaphysics. I just wear 2 different hats.

 Do people have any misconceptions about you or your business?

Yes. There are always misconceptions about what a psychic does. If it was not for women, I would not be in business.  Women are much more open than men. For example, women will go to a doctor and men won’t. It’s a mindset.

 If you could have a do-over, what would you do differently?

Nothing. I like being in business for myself. I like being independent. I’d rather set my own course. I am happy that way.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

RETIRED! I will retire from The Grand Spectacle, but I will continue to do the psychic work out of Ithaca. There seems to be a void there. I enjoy the work, especially if I can help someone.


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