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Annah Elizabeth recently completed her certification in Medical Reiki. Here is an update.

What is Medical Reiki™?

Medical Reiki is a modern-day approach to medical needs that incorporates the age-old energy therapy modality, Reiki. It is a program designed for Reiki Masters, one that prepares practitioners in how to safely support clients with Reiki during pre-and-post op procedures, in the operating room, during other medical procedures like chemotherapy and childbirth, and as assistance for the seriously ill or those under hospice care.

Dr. Mehmet Oz named Reiki “energy medicine” while a full-time surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC. Medical Reiki is considered a form of Integrative medicine that treats the body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle aspects.

What is the history of Medical Reiki™?

Raven Keyes first began her foray into the operating room in 2000, when one of her Reiki clients obtained permission from Dr. Mehmet Oz to have Raven accompany her during open heart surgery. Following 9/11, Raven spent eight-and-a-half months offering volunteer Reiki services to the emergency personnel and crews who worked tirelessly to find survivors, remains, and to rebuild the broken city. Keyes later began working with renowned breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Sheldon Mark Feldman who is the current Director of Breast Cancer Services at Montefiore and Einstein. Though many benefits of the energy therapy during surgery were noted, one standout is a plastic surgeon’s discussion on how the tissue remained warm during the hours-long breast cancer surgery, thus making his work much more effective and efficient. Raven and Dr. Feldman are pioneering a research study of how Reiki therapy helps surgeries run more smoothly and patients to recover more fully and quickly.

How did you come to do this work?

As a Healing Specialist™, my goal is to provide academic and alternative based programs and services that will allow me to meet the unique needs of each of my clients and I always have my eyes and ears open for fresh programs I can bring to our area. While volunteering as an Integrated energy Therapy practitioner at the 2017 Compassionate Friends conference in Orlando, I met Reiki Master volunteer, Carolyn Fowler. An instant bond was formed over dinner. When Carolyn began talking about this class that she was hosting in Sarasota, FL, I knew this would be a great service to bring to the Southern Tier.

What’s next for you?

I am in the process of introducing this new service to our regional medical institutions and support programs. There are so many areas where our program can be of value, from those who have fears of going to a dentist to providing support to anyone suffering anxiety over any medically-related procedure. I’m excited about the potential of collaborating with local surgeons, doctors and nurses to bring this cutting edge support practice to our area. As one of the program’s certified Medical Reiki Masters™, I may also have the opportunity to participate in the Feldman-Keyes research project, currently based in Manhattan, in various ways.

As we speak I’m working on my second book and hope to begin the submission process next spring. I will continue to offer personal coaching, Reiki and IET energy therapy sessions and training certificate classes, and am increasing the specialized workshops for individuals, community organizations and corporations who want to bring conflict and grief management services to their people. I have recently located to a larger office in the Strathmont building, which will allow me to better serve my clients. I am now in suite 416.

Annah Elizabeth may be reached at (607) 288-3483, through email at, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may also visit the website at


Five Facets of Healing Midday Makeover WENY TV

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Annah Elizabeth and The Five Facets of Healing was birthed in personal tragedy. It is the result of a calling by Annah Elizabeth to help people heal from grief and that grief may have many different faces – grief from the loss of a loved one, a dream, a personal injury. The Five Facets of Healing may be found at 100 N. Main St., Elmira, NY  14901. Annah Elizabeth may be reached at (607) 288-3483, through email at, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You may also visit the website at

How long have you been in business and what do you do?

I began by speaking around the country. I did a TedX event in Nacogdoches, Texas in 2014 and a North Carolina Social Work conference in 2015. I will be one of the featured speakers at the Navigating Through Grief conference in Albany in June. The Newly Bereaved Moms Retreat in August will feature me and the work I have been doing as a workshop presenter.

How has your business evolved?

In order to establish a foundation, it was necessary to do events at no charge in the beginning. However, as it grows and as I become more experienced, I have been able to ask for a fee.  As the business evolved, I had more and more ideas and needed more time to develop them.  I also realized if I truly wanted to make this my living, I needed to offer services.

One year ago, I became an energy practitioner. This is a local service and I needed a space to do this. I opened this office (100 N. Main St. Suite 313). I have also reached out to people on a global scale through social media platforms. I am able to provide energy work locally but also through distance work through an open phone line.

To summarize : my business has 2 aspects to it – The Five Facets of Healing work (workshops, books, talks) and  the energy work I do that is Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. In my experience, most people need IET but Reiki has its purpose too in balancing

You have previous business experience. Has that given you any skills you use now?

I was an office manager for a local business for over 7 years. I gained a tremendous amount of skills doing that. I left that to open Apple A Day Farms with my husband. Also, I have always worked with children. Currently, I maintain a part-time position in the school district in order to provide an income and benefits for my family. In the beginning, my present job afforded me time during the day to launch this business and take care of a very active family at night. Also, experience in other businesses helps me with needed skills. I know what questions to ask to get up and running in this business (i.e. Tax questions).

You operate The Five Facets of healing under a different name. What was your reasoning for that?

I don’t want to be known as “the grief lady”.  I want to be able to do different types of literary work and the pseudonym affords me a better opportunity to do that.

Mark Twain is a model for having 2 personas. I spoke at the Clarity event 2 years ago. The first one had no one there I knew. The second event had people in the audience who knew me as a local personality. I was guided to managing this by using the Mark Twain example. People get that.

Do you have any certifications, licenses, degrees?

I used my personal experiences to begin this work with a tremendous amount of research. I also have the training from my past business management work and the skills acquired by anyone who owns a business like Apple A Day Farm. You could say I was self-taught for much of what I did to begin.

I earned my level 2 Reiki here in Elmira from Christy Forsyth and am in the process of completing my Reiki Master certification, which will be done by the end of summer. I obtained my Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced IET training here in Elmira from Joy Storch. I obtained my Master Instructor training in Philadelphia from an IET Trainer out of Florida. This past spring I had the privilege of training under the Integrated Energy Therapy founder, Steven Thayer, solidifying my mastery skills and instructor abilities even more.

I offer 2 approaches to my programming. One uses the Five Facets Philosophy on Healing model and the other incorporates alternative elements. I give the individual what they need based on where they are. Some people are open to energy work and some prefer to keep it academic based. You could call it Life Coaching and Life Coaching PLUS for those who are open to the intuitive element

What are your greatest achievements?

In bringing peace to people. One client came in a back brace for an IET session and left without it. They remained pain free for days afterward. And then there are those people who I’m able to help find peace and resolution in their grief. Those are the most profound experiences for me.

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks?

My lack of credentials. There have been opportunities that I have missed out on because some institutions require formal degrees in order to have you participate in their programs and/or events. I struggle with the idea of going back to school for the formal education. My research demonstrates many top people in this field are self-taught.

I am self-employed and work another job which provides insurance and income. This takes time away from me developing my business and slows the growth. I have to navigate around this. There are times when this is very challenging. One of my mottos is “Slow and steady wins the race,” so I embrace each challenge and accept that it brings its own gifts to the table.

Do people have misconceptions about you or your business?

Just me trying to figure out what I offer. The misconception by others is that I have been dealing with grief work.  In my mind I am focusing on healing. As I develop, this will sort itself out, but it’s in my mind and not the client.

If you could have a Do Over, is there anything you would want to change?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see programs offered on worldwide scale with me training and certifying others in The Five Facets of Healing.

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