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Marcia Beecken began her business in August, 2015 doing energy work out of her home. An opportunity came about to co-rent a space in Horseheads, and she took it. She wants to retire from 28 years of  teaching 2nd graders in 5 years and thought it would be a good idea to begin her business now. Marcia is ready for the next stage of her life to begin.  Her specialty is Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). It is similar to Reiki. It works with the Angels who facilitate healing for people, relaxing, releasing cellular memory patterns and blockages, allowing the body to heal itself. I also specialize in working with children. My favorite program is called Steps For Transformation., the basics of working with your angels and releasing Karma, and finding forgiveness. Marcia is also a Reiki Master. She has a degree in leadership and does some life-coaching in a group setting. Marcia can be reached at Beecken of Light, 206 W. Franklin St., Horseheads, NY  14845, by phone at (607) 279-1157 and by email at Marsha@BeeckenOfLight.com. Her new Website is www.BeeckenOfLight.com.

How did you get to this place?

I have a Bachelor degree in Education. I have a Master’s degree in Education and a Certificate of Advanced Study in School Leadership and Education. This is half way between a master’s Degree and a Doctorate (30 credits). I have been teaching 2nd grade for 28 years.

When I became interested in energy work, I began my Reiki training with Haley Sawyers at Fingerlakes School of Massage. I loved the work, but then a friend of mine took an IET class and working with the Angels resonated with me. I took my first 3 levels of Integrated Energy Therapy with Haley Sawyers and Sandra Hartman at Fingerlakes School of Massage. I did my Master Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy at The Center of Being with Stephen Thayer, Woodstock, NY. He developed the therapy.

I began working out of my home. It was difficult because I am on a hill and a bit out in the country. It was word-of-mouth through friends and their friends coming to the house. It was sporadic. Stephen Thayer inspired me to branch out. He wanted me to begin asking my angels for ‘more’. They will give you want you want and more as long as you believe.

I talked it over with my husband who is an industrial engineer and stained glass artist, and we decided to get a space. He has been instrumental in helping me renovate the space in Horseheads along with the other business owners who are sharing the building with me. It has been a wonderful learning process around creating healthy boundaries and speaking my truth. I incorporate the Four Agreements into every day on this path. It is what H’o oponopono is all about. We all work hard at keeping the energy in the space whole and inviting.

What have been your greatest achievements?

Creating this space on W. Franklin St.. Everyone who comes into the space feels good. It feels meditative, calm and peaceful. With the IET, I have created a Heart Beam in the space I use and the space Nancy Fairchild uses (She is partnering with me). It is a beam of very positive, sacred energy that goes throughout the building. We all do a number of sacred practices to create sacred space.

We also have a boutique, a common area where we hold a variety of different classes and programs. We have a kitchen area where you can sit with tea and coffee. We have an open porch area for the warmer weather and a drumming circle. There are other practitioners who rent the space to have their programs.

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks, either personally or in business?

In business, the greatest stumbling block has been the marketing piece in terms of having the financial resources to advertise. We invested in the renovations and need to pay that off before making more of an investment outside of social media. I am fairly new to the area so I believe the paid advertising piece is important.

The personal stumbling block is TIME. I work full time from 7am and then go to Beecken of Light sometimes until 8pm. It’s difficult to then go home to create things for social media. Then scheduling family time and school time for the kids is a challenge.

Do people have any misconceptions about you or your business?

Because I am new, I don’t think people have a conception of what I do or who I am. Some of the work is getting the word out about what we do and having to explain that. Then there is educating people about the benefits of incorporating these things into their daily routines. People are so busy doing for others, they neglect their own needs.

I have been in teaching for so long, I have become accustomed to staying away from talking about spiritual topics. There are times when I think I need to speak on a scientific level rather than a spiritual one. It’s a transition I need to make. I have to be more direct when I talk about my Angel Energy Work.  (That could be another stumbling block).

If you could have a do-over, is there anything you would want to do differently?

I would have been a little less impulsive and more thoughtful about the space I needed to do what I want to do. Although I love the space in Horseheads, I can see where it will be too small in the near future. It’s already limiting for the drumming program we have.

Back in May, I put feelers out for people who wanted to be part of a co-op. in retrospect, I would have followed the vision more closely. However, we had to begin somewhere.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself with a co-op, an umbrella business with other people providing their specialties underneath that. I would prefer that to having separate businesses renting separate space in the same building. 2 or 3 heads are better than one so let’s get together and help each other.

I see myself traveling. My mentors are in Sedona, AZ doing trainings. I would love to travel and do programs. It is important to be in the room and feel the energy of the people and the space. Much of the growth that I have had in my life has come from group work. There are so many dynamics there that push you to make gains to do your best. I value the group work.

I foresee a Center with more IET sessions and massage tables to do this work. I see training more people to use this therapy for themselves including people who are empathic – sensitive to energy that surrounds their environment.

Nancy Fairchild and I are coming out with a new color energy oil line in February that goes with our programs.  They are oils that coordinate with your chakras. The logo looks like a lighthouse and will incorporate with Beecken Of Light.

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