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Marjorie Wilson is the owner of Fossil Rock Acres at a new location – 5234 West Wolf Run Extension in Campbell, NY 14821. She sells crystals, fossils, figurines and military items. Marjorie has a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Science and gives classes at her new location on meditation, the crystals and crystal grids. She may be reached at (607) 769-2729, by email at The website is and she is also on Facebook.

How long have you been in business?

Fossil Rock Acres has been in business for 11 years. They opened for business the day after Thanksgiving in 2006.

How did you begin in this business? What has been the evolution?

I have always done some kind of craft. Years ago I did ceramics. I had over 400 molds and 2 kilns. I had classes on how to paint ceramics. Then I began to create beaded jewelry with the crystals. I went to craft shows and Native American Pow Wows. The weather is very unpredictable. I found it was much more relaxing and less stressful to have a store.

Were you a business owner before you had the ceramics and the beads?

No.  Ceramics was my first venture and I did that for about 10 years.

What did you do before that?

When I first came home from the Army, I sold advertising for the Bath Pennysaver. Then I worked at the VA. I was secretary for the Elmira/Corning Airport. Then I went to work for the Federal Government as an Administrative Maintenance Technician. After that I went to work for the Addison School District as the attendance/registration officer. My last 10 years there I was a teaching assistant.

I was very practiced in people skills but it also taught me how to deal with all the paperwork in owning a business – sales, inventory, cashflow, quarterly sales tax, etc..

Is there a specific software that you like to keep track of all this?

I do everything manually. I created a form using Microsoft WORD Tables that I use to keep track of things.

Are there any misconceptions about you or your business?

There are a few people who would come in the store and say, “We are praying for you”. They would think I was a witch and worshiping satan because I had the crystals. I am neither a wicka nor a witch but people thought you were that just because you had the crystals and that is a satan sort of thing.

Crystals come from the earth and God created the earth. I appreciate prayers anytime.

However, there are still some people out there who look at it the other way.

What are your greatest achievements?

I have stayed in business for 11 years. I do no business online. I once had it set up for the jewelry online and sold 2 or 3 things. The cost of having that website was so much I took it down. I have been considering trying it again with my own website since there is so much online shopping now.

Are there any stumbling blocks?

If I were to mention anything it is the issue of being a single person owner. If you have to do something else, if there is a death in the family or you are sick (unexpected things), you have to close the store. Planned things you can let people know ahead of time that the store will be closed on a certain date. Most of my customers understand that. But there are a few who complain a bit.

Bringing on someone part-time as a backup person is not affordable. The cost of the compensation insurances and the salary and other expenses is not economically reasonable to do something like that.

If you could have a do-Over, what would that be?

I don’t usually play the “Shoulds, Woulda, Coulda” game. I am just grateful for what I have.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself retiring from her. I will sell this business. I will draw Social Security and travel.

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