2016/2017 Directory Now Online!

I am so excited to tell you that the 2016/2017 Wellness Arts Network Directory is now ONLINE!!! How cool is that?

Kathy Holton of The Healing and Learning Center is the genius who made it possible. Hover over “Directory” on the menu bar and click on the 2016-17 Directory dropdown link. You can now view the Directory as a booklet, just like the paper version. I am so excited!

Once each year we print 2000 paper copies and distribute them for FREE to the general public. After 11 years, I am sure you have seen some form of this by now. However, each year is unique. Some businesses have been in the directory since the first copy, and others come and go. It is the only vehicle in the area that is devoted to the Wellness community. In my view, when the Wellness Community is strong, the community is healthier.

Thank-you for supporting this Directory and the Wellness Arts Network.