2016/2017 Directory

2016 will be the 11th Wellness Arts Network Directory.

Wellness Arts Network is here to honor and support Wellness Arts Network business owners in a variety of ways. We are available to assist your development and expose you to the community in a positive light wherever we can. Our vision of Wellness is very broad and inclusive.

Wellness Arts Network Directory is published once a year and is distributed FREE to the public. We print 2000 copies and distribute them throughout the Southern Tier of NY and Northern Tier of PA. Everyone in the Directory gets copies to distribute. We also place them in other locations throughout the community – literally any place we can think of.

In an effort to support this Wellness Community, there is NO price increase in 2016. Invest $75.00/listing. Ads in the directory come in a variety of sizes and colors. Of course, you can also do both an ad and a listing! You will also be listed online here at WellnessArtsNetwork.com with a link to your personal webpage. If you would like to use a credit card, please click on Directory (above) and a drop-down menu will appear to guide you to the PayPal ‘buttons’. We also accept Cash, Checks or Money Orders.

Be seen in a place where paying customers are looking!*

Contact: Beverly Kennedy at (607) 738-5156 with any questions.

RSVP with copy and payment before February 9, 2016.

*All advertising and Directory listings may be edited with your approval to reflect the vision of Wellness Arts Network.

It’s Time For A Gathering

BallroomOur Women’s Day Out is over for this year. It was a great success. 29 people rated the day a “10” out of 48 surveys collected. Of course we are thinking about next year. I’m getting lots of suggestions on workshops.

The 10th Annual Wellness Arts Network Directory is published and distributed throughout the area. Everyone in the Directory has 50 copies to distribute and there are others strategically placed in the community. They are also at any events I attend.

Now it’s time for a GATHERING. It really has to be on a week night or on a weekend to accommodate people with a full time job, knowing that there is no ideal day/time. So why on earth would you want to make the time to come?

Wellness Arts Network is about supporting the business owners in the community who have products and services focused on Wellness. Did you know I have over 200 businesses on the broadcast list? There are so many opportunities to collaborate and partner with one another. There are so many creative ideas coming out of everyone’s businesses that we can adapt to our own. Putting a name to a face is so important when recommending another person’s services and/or products to your circle of influence.  So check your emails and Facebook for the date, time and location for our GATHERING. If you’d like to have the group at your business location, let me know. I have a sense this will be a new tradition.

Beverly Kennedy