2014/2015 Directory

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PO Box 367, Big Flats, NY  14814
(607) 738-5156

A Directory Invitation for 2014! 

Wellness Arts Network 2014/2015 Directory  is published once a year and distributed FREE to the public. We print 2000 copies and distribute them throughout the Southern Tier of NY and Northern Tier of PA. Everyone in the Directory gets copies to distribute as well as library reference desks, community brochure stands, Bed & Breakfasts, coffee shops and any other place we can think of. Your investment is $70.00/ listing. For those who wish to reach the business owners in the network, or the market we serve with the Directory, there is space for ADS in a variety of sizes (see the Ad Form). Of course, you can also do both!

There will be NO pricing change (see AD Form) for the

Wellness Arts Network 2014/2015 Directory .

Be seen in a place where paying customers are looking!*

                                                    Contact: Beverly Kennedy at (607) 738-5156

with any questions and to place an order.

RSVP with copy and payment before February 15, 2014.

*All advertising and Directory listings may be edited with your approval to reflect the vision of

Wellness Arts Network.

See 2015 Directory for current pricing

Wellness Arts Network


Wellness Arts Network was created to support business owners who have products and services promoting the balance and well-being of the people they serve. We do this by:

  • exposing members to the community in a positive light and in a variety of ways;
  • providing an environment to network, exchange ideas, and offer peer support;
  • offer business building strategies and skills developed specifically for the Wellness Arts Industry.