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Christy Forsyth and Nichole Eaton are the owners of Clarity in Elmira, NY. They offer a variety of unique spiritually-based intuitive services. Both Christy and Nichole have a background in Licensed Mental Health Counseling and both are Psychic Mediums. They bring the 2 together to provide Soul Therapy, an intuitively driven coaching process connecting people to the best version of themselves. Christy and Nichole may be reached at Clarity, Suite 201, 100 N. Main St., Elmira, NY 14901. You can call them at (607) 438-2939, email them at and visit their website at Christy and Nichole are also on Instagram and Facebook.

How long have you been in business?

We just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We are still new but we have grown a lot in 3 years. We have been full-time at this not even 2 years.

What is your business about?

We are the bridge to starting the process of connecting people with their faith, spirituality, highest potential, and their own intuitive guidance system. Sometimes that is teaching people about how to manage their energy. We do energy balancing, hypnosis, incorporating crystals – whatever that person needs to get them from point A to point B and making positive change usually pretty quickly in their lives.

We do Soul Therapy and incorporate lots of services within that depending on what a person needs. Soul Therapy is usually the recommended service to start with at Clarity.  It is the gateway in to all we offer.  It could incorporate life coaching, hypnotherapy, resetting and rejuvenating your energy, Law of Attraction coaching, Energy management, meditation, and whatever else is needed. We also use our psychology training to assist people to learn how to manage their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. We also help people strengthen their spiritual or religious connection. Our Work revolves around FAITH.

What has been the evolution of your business?

It all began with an idea. We were being called to open a business. Immediately doors began to open. Before that I (Christy) ran a general counseling business program in Corning for about 10 years. Nichole worked there with me for about 6 years. We both came into connecting with our intuition about the same time to the point where it became difficult to do traditional counseling any more. That had us asking questions like “What do we do next? Where do we go”? That’s where the idea of Clarity came to be.

Did you always know that you were mediums?

Nichole: I believe that when you are mediums, you have a lot of scary experiences so you shut it off and then you connect with it and then you shut it off. I grew up across from a funeral home and would not be in a room by myself. It terrified me so much that I disconnected from it.

I slowly began to open back up. The thing about mediumship is that even if it’s natural, there is still a skill set involved. I would come in to Christy’s office and say, “I could feel the people who are there when someone is coming in for grief counseling. What do you want me to do with that”? or “I know this about this person and I have a really strong feeling about this. What do we do with that?” In general counseling, you can’t say a word. That is not an acceptable thing.

I feel better when I pour ‘light’ on me or when I’m meeting with a client pouring light on them. We found that when we were doing that people would come in for a session and come in again to thank us. Just to thank us. We were cutting our counseling time in half by using the invisible – welcoming an angel, or positive light or positive intention for the session.

We began to develop our skill sets and realized we could not do that any longer where we were, in the way that felt best and in the way we were seeing people respond. Now that we were aware we could help people in a faster (what we would say a BETTER) way. We are being called to do it and we just needed to DO IT.

We opened Clarity with a tiny “hole in the wall” office over the Mark Twain building. It had no windows so we never even knew what the weather was like or whether it was sunny or dark out. We shared the office. We each had a day. Then we slowly transitioned out of our other full time jobs and into work at Clarity full time.

We grow our whole marketing program around intuition and Law of Attraction. We would get together and decide what we want our business to look like. We would write it down and invite the angels. One of the biggest ways that Clarity has grown is word of mouth. The universe is always backing us up through Law of Attraction; also by getting people to where they need to be.

Where did you get your credentials to do this work?

Christy earned a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Loyola College in Maryland. She is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through the ICBCH. She did a certificate training program for mediumship and psychic development with a mentor.

Nichole earned her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Alfred University and also studied and worked with a mentor to become a certified psychic medium.

Christy and Nichole are IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Therapists at an Advanced level.

 You have an event each year.

We have Clarity Connects, a community motivational speaking event. It brings together local and national speakers to share their personal stories in the form of short talks about the things they have learned in their experiences to help motivate people to connect with the best version of themselves. We take a portion of the proceeds from that event to do random acts of connection around the communities. Last year we gave away little flower bouquets. We created little laundry and soap bags and left them on all the laundry machines at the laundromats. We buy breakfasts and do anything that will encourage spreading continued kindness.

Are there any misconceptions about you or your business?

The biggest hesitation for people is their concern about meeting with someone who is a psychic medium. They are afraid of us reading their energy. Sometimes that makes people nervous.

Also people come in very fearful of what we are going to say to them. I always try to put people at ease by explaining to them that we always set the intention with our work that we are connected with Energy that is only of the light, only with information that is of a helpful, healing or preventative nature.  We are not interested in connecting with any other types of energy. We don’t believe that people who are coming to see us are interested in information that is out of that either.

 What are your greatest achievements?

Christy: Nothing stands out for me specifically. The greatest thing we do with Clarity is watching every single person make the progress and the changes they make. There is something so special about being able to walk with people on their journey and to watch them make progress. Hard to choose just one achievement because I am so proud of every one.

Also, watching our event grow. Clarity Connect went from 100 people to 320. It’s new! People don’t even know what it is. The way it came together and the people who were asked to speak. We are not searching for people anymore. People are applying, even at a national level!

Nichole: I just finished my first book. I am still in the process of editing and over the moon that the big part is done. I plan to self-publish. There is so much freedom in that and it makes sense to me.

Have you had any stumbling blocks?

Our biggest challenge has been to find the things that are in most alignment without shifting what we do for the expectations or the nervousness of other people.  Our authenticity and merging fully in to that is reflected in how we tell people what we do. Naming our services to reflect authenticity and making sure we are always reflecting that. At first, it was not always the case. But coming to ‘own’ what we do and who we are has been good.

On the other side of that too – people hear we are psychic mediums and they have had their experiences and readings and they come in expecting this to be exactly that. We have our own style. Our backgrounds as therapists really play a role in our readings. They are focused way more around who you are, where are you going and how do we help you to be the best you.

If you had a Do-Over, would you?

We have learned so much through the process. I feel good about how we have approached things too. No

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Huge. Big. Christy and I don’t really limit ourselves in dreaming. We intend to continue expanding our online presence to continue offering courses and services nationally and internationally. The tough part about the international piece is timing with services. We may do email back and forth.  Christy does hypnosis over facetime or skype. I do a lot of videos and send them out. You can create private Youtube links and forward the link to the individual it is going to. You can do live video chats and pre-record with providing the password to the group who may be in different time zones.

Christy is working on a book and I just finished mine. Books, courses, and services that are widespread.

Natural Nail Care on Midday Makeover WENY TV

Jamie Baker of Fair Ladii Beautician works from Lotus Beauty Lounge on Hanover Square at 121 W. Franklin St. in Horseheads, NY. Jamie provides a variety of nail services. She also assists the owner with washing, blow drying hair customers and “filling in the blanks”. Jamie can be reached at (607) 857-6953 or you may email her at She is on Instagram and Facebook.

I offer nail care: natural nail care, polish, gel, enhancements, pedicures and Waterless nail services. Instead of soaking the feet in hot water, I use hot towels. It is safer, more sanitary and much more relaxing. When you soak your feet in water, it opens up the skin to whatever is in the water. You just don’t know.

I do not do acrylic at all (powder). It is very harsh on the natural nail. I believe you need to care for the natural nail as much as possible. The natural nail is the foundation for any enhancement you want to put on it. I also do not use an e-file (the drill/dremel file). This is very damaging to the nail.

In addition, I advise people to always take breaks between any enhancements you want to put on your nails.

How long have you been in business?

About 3 years.

What has been the evolution of your business?

I first graduated from Ridley-Lowell Business & Technical Institute at their Binghamton location in the cosmetology program. I moved here for a job at Ageless in the mall as a guest facilitator (cleaning the spa – got to start somewhere). Since I didn’t have my formal license when I moved here, I needed additional income. Eventually I moved up. I wanted to be a full-time cosmetologist. When I went to Ageless, they needed a nail technician. It was not my first intention to do nails, but that’s what they needed. Then I fell in love with it. I became obsessed with it.

After being there a while, I decided to branch out into hair. I had admired Christie Diehl, owner of Lotus Beauty Lounge, for a long time. She had an opening for a nail technician and I took it. Then an assistant position for helping her with hair came up and I jumped on it.

Are there any misconceptions about you or your business?

There is a lot of skepticism about the whole waterless aspect of my nail services. Some people think it doesn’t do as good of a job because I am not soaking the feet. The hot towels are wet and still soften the nails to make them more pliable.

Some people think gel polish is bad for you. The products have come a long way. It is safe to use as long as it is applied and removed properly. People will come to have me apply gel polish. However, when they want to remove it to change colors, they will peel it off instead of having me remove it properly. They risk lifting the natural nail surface with it.

What about nail polish? It’s a chemical.

They are now introducing chemical free polishes that I am beginning to pull in to my practice. There are 5 major chemicals that can cause health issues. However, that is mostly for the practitioner who is working with them all day in the salon.

What are your greatest achievements?

Just being in the field for 3 years has been an achievement.

Being able to assist the owner of Lotus Beauty Lounge is like a dream come true for me.  I have looked up to Christie for a long time. She has been an inspiration to me in her evolution.  And now I finally get to do hair with her.

Have you had any stumbling blocks?

Oh! Every Day!

Every new client is a learning process. Whether it’s nails or hair, I have to learn about them and there are times when I don’t get it right. I am still new in the business. Every time I make a mistake, I learn from it and attempt to get better from it. Every situation is unique like that.

If you had a Do-Over, would you?

I would ask more questions as I am learning. I am a shy person. I need to get over that. If I had asked more questions and been more confident when I first started out, I wouldn’t feel as if I am so new at this.

Here do you see yourself in 5 Years?

Probably still at Lotus. The atmosphere is amazing there. I still want to do more hair and nails. I want to Excel and get better at that. It will take a long time – probably 5 years.