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Peg Davis has been in business in the Corning area since 1995.  She is primarily a counselor, working with individuals and groups, teaching people how to manage their thoughts and emotions, something we can do. Many of Peg’s clients suffer with depression/anxiety disorders. Peg Davis helps them find a way to reach for a better feeling and manage those better feelings in order to reach a higher level of functioning. She accomplishes this through Talk Therapy, Hypnosis, workshops on a variety of topics and Reiki. Peg Davis has a BA in Counseling Psychology and Masters in Clinical Hypnotherapy, and has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1997. You can reach Peg at her website (, by phone at (607) 738-1454 or by email at

How did you get to this place?

My business began with teaching workshops on how to be a vegetarian. In the late 80’s and early 1990’s, there were many falsehoods and myths about vegetarianism.  For example, the nutritional thinking taught that it was dangerous to be a vegetarian unless you ate all your aminos at one time or they would not work in your body.  This was proven later to not be the case. No one knew how to be a vegetarian.  People began asking me; I started having classes for basic information and healthy cooking techniques.

I had always done a Women’s Weekend once a year. I brought in speakers and practitioners who taught the participants how to take care of themselves. I began incorporating some of those things and started teaching workshops. I was trained by Louise Haye and her team in 1996. It was an 8-day certification process to teach her workshops and her groups. I taught them (and others) for years.

As participants worked through the workshop exercises and discussions to bring positive change to their lives, it often brought up many issues that then needed to be addressed. I believed they needed more personal, individual work in addition to attending workshops. I had met people who were hypnotherapists when I was doing the Louise Haye certification. They inspired me to study for a Master’s Degree in Hypnotherapy, with the American Institute of Hypnotherapy. It is an effective and successful modality to assist changes in emotions and behavior.

Hypnosis is deep relaxation. You can tap into the subconscious, which is 95% of our  whole mind. 5% of our mind is the conscious level. The subconscious is the storehouse of everything we have ever experienced or read or heard or knew. In that deeply relaxed state, that storehouse of information is available to us. It can give us ideas about what we need to do as a person. Most of us know that our best healing is inside of us. We tend to bury it underneath the conscious “have to’s and shoulds”. Hypnotherapy helps you get in touch with that subconscious level of your mind.

That is how my business has unfolded. I knew people needed to go deeper and I had no one to refer people to that would teach them what I was beginning to teach them. That is why I opened my counseling practice and added hypnotherapy to it.

At the beginning of 1996, while I was in California at the Louise Haye training, I discovered Reiki. I loved it. I became a Reiki student and completed my third level in 1997. I never intended to add this to my practice, because the mainstream medical community was beginning to refer people to me in my counseling and hypnotherapy practice, and I thought Reiki might not be accepted.  I had intended to use it for myself, family and friends. However, people began to call me asking for treatments. Once they had treatments, they wanted to be trained. It completely unfolded in a very generic way. The training and the treatments of Reiki have become a huge part of my practice.

In classic psychology, you are taught not to touch a client. You are also taught not to mix modalities (i.e. touch with talk therapy).  In the first few years of my practice I did not. If someone wanted Reiki, I would make a separate appointment from the talk therapy. Over the years, I have discovered that combining has great benefits. My sessions are 90 minutes. The first 45 minutes is talk therapy and the last 45 minutes is Reiki. It anchors what we have discovered in the talk sessions and balances energies to move through issues more easily.. If I began with Reiki, the client would be in an unfocused state for the talk session.

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks, either personally or in business?

In business, the greatest stumbling block has been learning how to network. I really enjoy coming to my healing center, my “ivory tower” and just working with whomever is appointed that day.  I truly feel that has been a deficiency for me. Networking is not natural to me. I resisted it.

If I were to begin over, I would form a group of practitioners earlier. If you have noticed in the past few years, I have gathered a group of people around me that I have chosen. We work well together. In the group, we can offer so much more than I could offer individually. I appreciate the comeraderie and the exchange of it.  I came to this later in my practice. I would learn how to do that better earlier on.

 Do people have any misconceptions about you or your business?

In the beginning, maybe the first five years or so, people would come in and say “Don’t do any of that voodoo you do. Just talk to me”. People were worried about the Reiki. People were worried about the Hypnotherapy.

Here’s a funny story. In the early years, there were 2 doctors who referred people to me for Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and Talk therapy. I was invited to do a presentation on Hypnotherapy at the Women’s Center at Corning Hospital. Everyone was invited, but there were many medical people (doctors, nursed, etc.) who attended. All talks had to be approved by the Board of Directors. I got a call from the Director stating that Hypnotherapy was thought to be a bit out of the mainstream by the board and “ they would rather that you talk about REIKI!”

That night at the presentation, I really learned to trust Reiki. There were about 30 people there. I talked about it, but told the group that they could not understand Reiki unless they experienced it. If there was anyone who was willing to stay after, I offered to give them a sample. Everyone stayed! I put a chair in the middle of the room and gave each one 2 minutes of Reiki. I thought this was never going to work – 2 minutes. What sort of result would anyone get from 2 minutes? That extra hour brought me a full year of business.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself writing a lot more. I write a BLOG on my Facebook page and that transfers to my webpage. I write it once a week and post it on Mondays. It offers tips and techniques on how to take care of yourself, reach for a better feeling, make peace with irritants in your daily life, how to respond in a healthy way to stressors, or whatever is relevant currently. I am making more time in my life to write because I believe that in doing this, I will be able to reach more people.

I am also working more long distance work with people through the telephone and Skype because it is such a mobile society. There will be more of that as well.