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Sheryl Henkin-Kealey has been in business for about 5 years with her partner David Paxon. The Healing Retreat Center is located at Route 287 in English Corners, PA. It is multi-faceted. The initial intent was to bring people in for weekend retreats where they would have a spiritual learning on a variety of healing arts with various teachers. People would learn together, eat healthy food together and, in the same place, living the energy of that for the weekend. It also houses the other skill sets that Sheryl has – medicinal aromatherapy, “The Scentual Soul” – Fine Aromatherapy Products body care product line created and produced by her, cancer education, teaching nutrition and how to cook healthy. Sheryl may be contacted at (570) 634-3777, or

How did you get to this place?

I took aromatherapy classes and wanted more. I earned my certification and went for a second certification. I then began The Scentual Soul: Fine Aromatherapy Products. That was about 17 years ago.

I named the product line Scentual Soul because I wanted the spirit of the plant to be part of the concept. My logo is a rose whose stem comes down and turns up into the body of a woman in white with dark hair. It comes together at the tip of the rose. The aura (the energy) comes together with the flowers and the person as one.

You are a certified teacher. Did that come first?

I have a teaching degree from Penn State in elementary and Kindergarten education. Knowing I wanted to have children, I ended up in the corporate daycare world in the Philadelphia area. I advanced into a manager and director position over the years. One place I managed was at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

I became interested in aromatherapy. My certification is through Barry Kapp at Wisdom of the Earth. He is now in Cottonwood, outside of Sedona, AZ. My children were still young and I could not find products that had ingredients I was happy with (even at Whole Foods). I purchased a cosmetics ingredients dictionary and could not believe the ingredients that people listed as safe and ‘OK’. Out of necessity, I began to make my own things for my children and family. Friends began asking for the things I was making and The Scentual Soul was born.

As my children aged, I decided to stop teaching. I went to work at Whole Foods Market for about 6 years. I moved to Northern PA for a life change and a better quality of life with 50 acres and organic gardens. I divorced. I worked at Wegmans in Elmira for 6 years. I was the very first manager of the Natural Health section – Nature’s Market – in Elmira.

A back injury prevented me from continuing at Wegman’s. During this time, I was searching for a space to open the Retreat Center. Life Changes!

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks, either personally or in business?

In business, trying to wear so many hats has been a stumbling block. I am really good at teaching. I am really good at working with people. There are things I am great at, but Marketing is not one of them. Trying to get things out on the computer in a timely manner is a challenge. When you are attempting to do something you are not so good at, it can take you five times the amount of time as someone who is good at it.

Then there seemed to be family stumbling blocks that kept coming in. My back continues to be an issue for me. My son’s car accident and my aging parents ill health has been a challenge.

Do people have misconceptions about you or your business?

I have a difficult time easily describing what my business is, so there are misconceptions. When people ask me “What do you do here?” there is no easy answer. I think that has hurt me. I needed to clarify what I wanted my business to be and speak that to the world. I have not narrowed it down enough.

If you could have a do-over, what would you do differently?

I would hire someone who is very competent to do the computer/business end of things. I would spend more time focusing on what I am good at. We can’t all be good at everything. The rest was life so I can’t say I would change any of that even if I could.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will be in a new location. I know it will not be in Philadelphia, but I don’t know that it will be here. I am very drawn to the water, trees and mountains. I know that this time, we will build a building from scratch and not shape another space into what we want. We would incorporate the feedback from people into the design of the new space. I would not live in the business space. (I did not realize how hard that would be).

I am focusing now on getting out to other areas and teaching. Maybe the building won’t be as much a concern as I am sitting here and thinking about it. Maybe it’s not about the building. I very much want to teach. I very much want to help people heal and teach them ALL the power they really do have. That is the essence of who I am.

Sounds like a building might be a detriment to that.

As we are talking, that is coming to me. That is awesome! In my heart, you just helped me to see something.

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Shari Koval has been part of the Wellness Arts Network for many years and is the owner of SK Energy Healing LLC in Beaver Dams, NY. She can be reached at (607) 279-5749 and by email at Her website is

How long have you been in business?

Since 2009, so 7 years.

How do you describe your business and what you do?

I do a lot of different modalities. I started out using Reiki. From there I became a Reiki Tibetan Usui Master (the basic Reiki) in 2009. I joined IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals) and have been a member since then. In 2011, I became a Karuna™ Reiki Master. This is a bit higher vibration and includes adding 8 more symbols. In 2011, I became certified from Level One to Level 6 in Tuning Fork Therapy. In 2012, I became certified in Color and Crystal Therapy using the tuning forks. In 2014, I became certified in Natural Healthcare for Pets.

Where do you get all these certifications?

My Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master is in England. The Tuning Fork Therapy™ training was distance learning. It was an intense training program that involved many exams and practicums to be sent in and graded. Francine Milford from Florida developed Tuning Fork Therapy™ along with the color and crystal therapy that I work with. My Karuna™ Reiki Master is in the Ithaca area. The Natural Healthcare for Pets was distance learning as well through Penn Foster.  It was in intense program with many home work assignments and exams. I did all this while I was working full time.

What inspired you to begin all that?

I have always liked anything medical. If I had it to do all over again, I probably would have become a veterinarian. However, I wanted to go out and make money so I obtained an AAS degree in hatcheries Biology. I have had many surgeries and I never wanted to rely on Western Medicine. The Reiki interested me as a support system. The western and the eastern medicines work very well together.

Once you begin something, the other things usually come in. I have always been very musical so the tuning forks were a good fit for me. They are a more scientific approach to energy healing. Each of the body organs and each of our systems has its perfect vibration. If you get out of sync, you can use the forks to get it back in. From there I began playing with singing bowls.

I originally began the Reiki to work on animals, but then the people came. I continued to build up the animal work skills with the Natural Healthcare for Pets.

What have been your greatest stumbling blocks?

I believe it has been a matter of finding the time to focus on it. I worked full time, I have a household, I was building a business, I have a parent to care for. Now that I have retired, I have more time to dedicate to this.

Do people have any misconceptions about you or your business?

I think people wonder about what this Reiki thing is. (Is it a religion? Is it from the ‘devil’?). I tell people this is a gift from God. It is something everyone can do because we are just the conduits – it is not our energy. I teach my students that way too. If they are not comfortable with me saying this is a gift from God, they probably won’t be one of my students.

People will think I have certain mindsets because I do this work. Lots of people had a hard time believing I spent most of my time as a scientist. I got to use both halves of my brain.

What did you do for your work?

I worked at Corning Inc. for 31+ years. I retired as a Senior Scientist in Research, doing glass surface research.

If you could have a Do-Over, is there anything you would do differently?

I may have looked into this work sooner, because I really believe doing this kind of work is my calling. However, I believe everything is going to progress the way it is supposed to.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see this business continuing to grow. It has been a steady growth for 7 years. I have about half and half human to animal clients. I love that mix. I would like to do more distance work because I can do that wherever I go. I plan to have a book published.

I co-wrote a book called Talk To Me: Round Pen Work from the Horse’s Point of View. I was the Animal Communicator on the book and Tammy Marsh authored it. (Available online at, Barnes & Nobles, etc.). The next book will be Animals With Jobs From Their Point of View. I work with Therapy Animals, Police dogs and horses, Service Animals, and Athletes (and some animals who have given themselves jobs). I think this book will write itself. The animal owner will fill out a questionnaire and I have a list of questions I ask the animal – Why do you do the work? What makes you do this work every day? Do you LIKE to do this work?

I’m sure you get asked this all the time, but how do you know what the animal is telling you?

It’s just like dealing with a person. It is not an exact science. You can only pick up what you can pick up. You make a heart to heart connection with them. You telepathically ask them a question and then the answer will come in. When I first started, I’d get single words. I have been doing this long enough now that I can get full sentences, they can show me things through their eyes, they can let me join up with them to feel how they feel in their bodies. I do a lot of that for the diagnostic part of my work to see where their pain is. Then you have to trust it.

How do you verify what you are doing?

I will send the answers to the owner and ask if this makes sense to them. Sometimes yes and sometimes no. you can only pick up what the animal is willing to share. Like people, animals may not want to share with you and that is their prerogative. However, I always check with the animal first to see if they are willing to talk with me.