About Us

Wellness Arts Network was created to support business owners who have products and services promoting the balance and well-being of the people they serve. We do this by:

  • exposing members to the community in a positive light and in a variety of ways;
  • providing an environment to network, exchange ideas, and offer peer support;
  • offering business building strategies and skills specifically for the Wellness Arts Industry.

Wellness Arts Network was the brainchild of Connie Antonaides. It was 1995 and Connie was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. Searching for non-traditional modalities to treat her symptoms, Connie discovered the practitioners were not easy to find. She decided it was important to have these people begin talking with each other and Wellness Arts Network was born.

Over the years, Wellness Arts Network took on many faces. There were times when it was non-existent in the region. Priscilla Keeney of Healing Adventure in Elmira, NY took it on and invited Beverly Kennedy to partner with her. People were excited and meetings began to take place.  However, over time, interest began to wane. Rather than see Wellness Arts Network “die” again, Beverly Kennedy (with the encouragement of Priscilla) took it on as a business. The network was a great compliment to her skills as an Instructional Designer and Business Development consultant.

The Wellness Arts Network Directory was printed in 2006 and each year since then. Listings and ads in a variety of sizes are available. 2000 copies are distributed to the general public for FREE. Each year is different.

Business owners are also invited to forward emails to Wellness Arts Network with information describing new offerings, new events, updates on issues in their industry. These emails are broadcast to the other businesses in the Network. They in turn forward them to their network. This is how we support one another and build a thriving wellness community.

April, 2013 was the very first Women’s Day Out. Women of all ages and backgrounds came together for the day to share food, fun, inspiration and information on a variety of subjects. It was a great success! Wellness Arts Network continues to provide a yearly event that supports the wellness business owners we serve. In November, 2018 the Wellness Arts Expo was created with a team of network members. Over 40 Vendors focused on Wellness came together at the Elmira Heights Legion. Workshops, a cafe and Door Prizes were all part of the day honoring First Responders, Active Military and Veterans.

In June of 2016, Wellness Arts Network became part of the WENY TV Midday Makeover program. On the 2nd and the 4th Tuesday of each month, a network business owner did a live 3-minute interview about their unique specialty. In addition, they were interviewed for the Wellness Arts Network BLOG. The focus here is to offer their personal experiences in building their business. Other business owners find this informative and inspirational. You can see examples of these continuing interviews at the BLOG.

We invite you to participate as a community member interested in learning about the business owners and their products/services OR as a business owner interested in networking with others who have common interests. When we support each other we build a stronger and healthier community.